Night had fallen, and all slept.

All but one, who couldn't.

All but one, who hated sleep.

all but one, who hated everything.


He silently crept along the Nile, slaughtering any drowsy squirrels he met along the way. until finally he reached his destination.

"Isis, queen of Egypt. allow me entry to your pantheon, by this sacrifice. Amen."

Then the man stuck himself with a knife.

The blood dripped into the Nile, and before the man's eyes, watchedd as an atrocity rose out of the waters.

The man laughed, smiling with joy as it devoured him slowly.

Chapter OneEdit

Hello, my name is Malcolm, and I have no idea who I am.

I know my name obviously. And I know I am a 13 year old boy. But everything else is a blank.

Why? I have no idea.

I woke up, I don't know, 3 months ago in the middle of the desert with no memory. No identification either. Or clothes.

Whoever did this to me must have been pretty thorough.

But whoever I am, I'm tough. I've survived this long. I've learned tolive with alligator's and sand, and to live without shelter or clothes.

Funny what the human being will do to survive.

Even one with no past.

Then the day arrived when the caravan came through. Shocked and tired, I watch it from the shelter of dunes.

Humans? I think. "I have not seen humans since it happened.

Whatever it is.

As they set up camp, I begin to wonder what happened there. as curiousity overcame me, I had to remidn myself the danger. Who knows why they're here?