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"Kill me if you can. I don't care for my life."
— June

June is a 15 year old Seeker of Anubis. She is a princess from the Land of Punt but ran away at 13. Egypt has been her refuge ever since. She is featured in the fanfic Light of Day.


June is a mysterious figure. She is aware of her past and wishes not to share with anyone..except Malcolm. She is rather quiet and shy and isn't afraid to fight. However she is always sitting on a window and rarely loses her cool. June is a calm girl and knows when to draw a sword. She has a crush on Malcolm, and cares for him greatly. However, she has a smile on her face, and has a certain spunk about her that intrigues many princes.

When friends are in danger, she loses it all. June has developed a savage personality hidden beneath the quietness. She hates her other self and has named that other self Darkness. As Darkness, she is sadistic and insane. She cuts anyone in her way and loves blood. She nearly killed her family in this form.