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This story, Dragon Ball Egypt, is Rated T, which means it may include fighting, blood and swearing

Dragon Ball Egypt is a fanon of Egyptian Gods who have DBZ like powers. The main characters are Anubis, Horus, and Isis the Egyptian gods.


Arcs are parts of a story that contain sagas which are a bit smaller.

  • Shu Arc
  • Dessert Arc
  • Osiris Arc
  • Bandit Pirate Arc

Shu Arc SagasEdit

  • Egypt Saga
  • Ultimia Saga
  • Shu Saga

Dessert Arc SagasEdit

  • Dessert Saga
  • Bandit Saga

Osiris Arc SagaEdit

  • Osiris Saga

Bandit Pirate Arc SagasEdit

  • Pirate Saga
  • Bandit Saga
  • War Saga
  • God Saga

Shu Arc-Egypt SagaEdit

Episode 1Edit

One sunny day in egypt clouds started to come to an area in the middle of the dessert.Sand storms raged, sand flew everywhere, and The Great Pyramid was floating in mid-air.


Stroms raging in the background.

Shu: NEVER! This pyrimid will be mine!

Horus: Just stop already!

Isis: You need to stop this!


Anubis: Grrrrrrr

Isis: Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Horus: S-S-S-Selfish Bastard!

Anubis: You brought this on yourself!!!!

Anubis put his hands together and sent a ball of energy also know as ki straight at Shu.Shu was hit and killed instantly.The pyramid landed safely on the ground, the clouds dissapeared and the storms stoped raging.

Anubis: H-He was my friend.............

Isis: He deserved it.

Horus: Isis is right Anubis, that asshole deserved it and he got it.

Anubis: So what now?

Isis: We keep peace.

After 500 years troubles have returned to Egypt and our heroes were put back into action.

Isis: Anubis.......troubles have returned to Egypt and we must stop it.

Horus: Anubis as king you must keep this place civallized..........Isis and I will help.

Anubis: I will dead without you two.

Our heroes started out into the dessert.

Isis: (YAWN) As she drinks water from her cantine.

Horus: Me too.

Anubis: As always Anubis was walkng without any troubles as his friends were.

Isis: Anubis enough.We must set up camp here.

Our heroes settle down and awake for the next day and continue.

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